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We work with authors on every detail of their book, from assigning the ISBN identification to the delivery of the printed books to their doorstep. Editing, creating the PDF from the manuscript, and formatting for our printer come under our management for our publications. Randall Zimmerman, our talented Graphic Designer, collaborates with our authors to create artistic, eye-catching cover designs and illustrations. We are very proud of our published books.


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Faith Over Fear —   Dianna Crawford Kasper

The stories in this book contain emotional struggles of rejection and sexual abuse along with shame and guilt that the author carried for years that left her with little or no self-esteem. She was on the pathway to destruction, but had a praying Grandmother who prayed for her since the day she was born. Dianna credits her Grandmother’s prayers for not giving up and having hope for the future.

Three Chords and The Truth
Three Chords and the Truth —   Dr. Leo Bradley  

Lance Hawkins, a small town man with small town experiences, is a country music singer, guitar player, and songwriter as handsome as talented. Through luck and circumstance, Lance becomes an overnight star without paying his dues in the wild, crazy, world called Nashville and country music. Three Chords and The Truth tells his story, the good, bad and the ugly.   

HBOS Sell Sheet Cover.jpg
House Built On Sand —  Dr. Leo Bradley

More twists and turns than a curve ball. And oh yeah, there are plenty of those, too. Leo Bradley has added to his impressive catalogue with his new entry, House Built on Sand. It’s a page turner, from ballparks to battlefields to board rooms, House Built on Sand is filled with intriguing characters and a dynamic plot that demands your attention and rewards you with a memorable story.  
— Greg Rhodes
    Official Historian of the Cincinnati Reds.

The Great Inevitable — Steve Cain

Steve Cain compiles this anthology of short stories and poetry covering a variety of topics and genres. From the title poem, The Great Inevitable, written for the passing of the author’s grandmother, to the finale, Last Letter, a heartfelt note to his parents, the author weaves between worlds of fantasy and fiction featuring tales of loss, love, relationships, revenge, baseball, leprechauns, alien abduction, and rock and roll. With dark humor, sarcasm, and a touch of insanity, the author invites you to take a short trip through his world. Are you ready?

The Cotton Factor
The Cotton Factor -"A Blue/Grey Scheme"— Dr. Leo Bradley

“Leo Bradley takes us back into the depraved and turbulent times of slavery in the deep south where beautiful women are pawns in the opulent world of plantation life. It’s a
page-turner, Y’all.”

Lester V. Horwitz, author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated, #1 best-selling book,
The Longest Raid of the Civil War and sequel, After the Raid.

Love's Journey — Nancy Kabakoff

Forty-eight-year-old Rachel Blum is determined to protect her heart after dealing with a broken marriage. She strives to raise three children, practically on her own, while dealing with a difficult mother who lives in a retirement home.
One day during Rachel’s visit there, she is introduced to kind and handsome Don who is visiting his father. Rachel and Don eventually begin a relationship. Rachel discovers that they have more in common than she would have guessed. Rachel and Don heal their emotional wounds together, and find that love is possible at any point in life.

Psalm One: My Journey To Faith — Dianne Kasper Crawford

“It takes strength and tenacity to stand strong when you are dealing with devastating loss. Dianna had to learn how to hold on to God from the teaching of her Grandmother through Psalm One when it seemed as if her world was falling apart. This Journal is a testimony of hope to all who reads it      — Pastor Beverly Murphy

Field Notes From London — Elizabeth Hampton

​Field Notes from London is the documentation of a yearlong endeavor to correct an omission of the past. The short essays, each exactly 100 words in length and written in real time, chronicled the author’s journey of small steps. They represent the one step at a time approach in what was expected to be a light-hearted trek, but which turned out to be more reflective and moving than anticipated. Hopefully, this collection of essays will ignite a spark for others, to experiment with that idea that’s hovering in the periphery, and then to follow through with it.

Change Happens Anthology — Local Writers

Change Happens, is a collection of poems and short prose from local writers.
Change happens to everyone. How we react is the key to survival. The authors in
this anthology — ordinary people — took a hard look at change in people’s lives and wrote about their journeys in poems and short prose. Some of these pieces step back in time; others are set in the future. All might remind you of a related experience in your own life, and cause you to reflect on how your whole life changed from a single, seemingly insignificant choice that you made. 

Pocket Book of Limericks Cover_edited_ed
The Pocket Book of Limericks

​In 2007, members of the Losantiville Society of Limericists combined forces to create and publish
The Pocket Book of Limericks, a collection of family-friendly limericks meant to amuse readers.


Some of the limericks are accompanied by full-color illustrations by students from AIC College of Design. Several students have won Addy Awards from the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Advertising Federation for their contributions. The hardcover, pocket-sized book, with glossy and colorful dust jacket, is very suitable for gift-giving.  

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