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Our Board has approved these books for distribution to our Booksellers.
We feel they are of the highest quality with respect to writing and content.

Certain Truths Book_edited.jpg
Certain Truths
— Stephanie Wyler


Certain Truths is a compelling story of one man’s struggle to deal with exaggerations, distortions, and lies of his clients to find the truth and the peace that comes with living with the truth… no matter how ugly it is.


There are countless funny poetry books for children. Now, there is finally one about raising them.

Underrated Reds.jpg
Underated Reds
— Dr. Leo Bradley


The story of the 1939-1940 Cincinnati Reds, the team’s first undisputed Championship.

Dr. Bradley personally interviewed 8 members of the team including Johnny VanderMeer.

Will Rhyme For Diapers
— Matt Strain






Well, the lighthearted, humorous, poetry in Will Rhyme for Diapers explores the nuances, trials, and tribulations of raising a new, tiny human. Whether you are on your first, fourth, or eighth child, you are sure to find something that resonates and draws out a much-needed laugh.Inside you can relate to poems that explore common parenting themes: desperately missing the sleep you used to enjoy, talking too much about dirty diapers, potty training, or realizing just how much personality a three-year-old can have. This book is a great gift for a baby showers, Mother’s Day, or when a new parent just needs a good laugh.

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The Third Person In The Room

An emotional, thought-provoking read about the fragility of relationships.” — Kirkus Reviews 

"The Third Person in the Room" is a collection of brief stories about Larsen's experiences as a divorce mediator, as well as wife, mother and friend. They are insightful, often humorous, always informative essays which can be read a few at a time, or in one sitting. The reader will recognize him or herself in the pages, and perhaps be inclined to share a thought or two with a friend or loved one. "The Third Person" is a book for anyone who has been in a relationship - or who wants to be.Available at: The Bookshelf, Madeira, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, Mulberry St. Books, Lebanon . Online at:,,

GiGi's Window​

When arriving in New York City to visit her fabulous grandmother (Gigi), a little girl is disappointed when she is too sick to go sightseeing in the big city.  However, thanks to GIGI?S MAGIC WINDOW, the little girl realizes that the magic of New York City is found in the people living there, especially the person sitting right next to her.

Author Missy Griffin lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she has owned the quaint little preschool, The Growing Room, for twelve years. When not creating and imagining with the children at her school, Missy loves to spend time with her husband, Mike, her daughter, Mags, and her two pups, Phoebe and Coke.

Poems By a Father.jpg
Poems By A Father

Author Donald L. Wenker, a passionate writer, was from Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Susan Schmidt in 1962, and was father of eight, four boys and four girls, and grandfather of nine. Don was also an organic farmer. His family owns Spring Hill Farm, where they produce maple syrup and raise beef and dairy cattle.

Some of Don’s work appears in The Pocket Book of Limericks. In addition to his love of writing and farming, Don volunteered as a mentor and teacher at the University of Cincinnati.

Many Roads Taken

Inspiring stories abound. They surface whenever caring people gather. Sometimes spoken, sometimes unspoken, stirring stories lace the edges of otherwise ordinary daily conversation.

This memoir genre collection begins with a selection of short stories which bring inspirational characters and their admirable spirits and deeds to light. It continues through true stories about life-changing personal experiences. Each story offers insights into strengths of character found settled within everyday communities and circumstances. This literary collection was written by twenty members of the Losantiville Society of Writers.


Congress Whispers, Reservation Nations Endure

Author B. Lee Wilson

This compendium of U.S. policies considers more than a century of congressional lawmaking specific to American Indian tribes. It features thirty public laws and a complement of related primary source documents. Legislation of this set — all enacted over the course of 105 years of American History, 1885-1990 — continues to frame New Millennium relationships between American Indian nations and their state and federal counterparts.

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